Beck Kitchen Remodel 4/2017

Before…way out-dated

Before…evidence of 3 previous remodels

Before…frig in the way…bad design

After…big, open Italian eat-in kitchen

After…range is now in a safe location

After…heat register wall is multi-functional

After…squeezed in some base storage without gobbling up floor space

After…range is now in a safe location

We asked David and his team to help us transform our old, dated kitchen into something that we were proud of and that worked for our busy family. Right from the start, David was quick to respond, professional, transparent, and eager to do a good job. My husband and I both felt like he really LISTENED to what we were trying to do and the feel we were trying to create in our space. Our kitchen was a challenge for sure: over 100 years old, in the heart of “old town” Winchester with limited space and all of the “surprises” that come with old houses. But, David and his team was up to the challenge! (at one point, he traveled to the appliance store to measure and personally make sure that everything would fit due to space constraints). At the time of the remodel, we had 3 kids (aged 6 months to 7 years) and we felt like steps were made to make the process as easy as possible for our crazy, busy lifestyle. Even after the work was done, David and his team followed up to make sure there were no outstanding issues and that everything was done to our satisfaction (not always the case with contractors!) We love our new kitchen and having it has brought so much joy to our family. At this moment we are bracing for a rainy weekend, and my children and I have decided that we will spend the time baking cookies–something that we would have never done in the old kitchen!

Emily Beck

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