Cameron Street Remodel 2014

Nov 2014…The front, as we found it, a derelict house.

Nov 2014…The back, as we found it, What a jungle!

Dec 2014…Access to the crawl space

Nov 2014…The crawl space. House had been inhabited by a hoarder. This is a fraction of what was once in the house.

 Nov 2014…The Living Room, floors sloped 5.5″ from one corner to the opposite.

  Nov 2014…The Living Room, vagrants had cut a hole in the ceiling to heat the bedroom above.

Nov 2014…This once was the kitchen

Nov 2014…The stairs

Nov 2014…The upstairs bath. That closet at the end covered up one of the narrow front windows. Floor structure seriously compromised by cutting for the plumbing waste.

Nov 2014…Upstairs front bedroom

Nov 2014…Upstairs back bedroom

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